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Free: Rosetta Stone, Mango, Babble, Yabla, Voces, Conjuguemos, Fabulingua, Lingvist

[deactivated user]

    Free for teacher and their students during coronavirus pandemic:

    • Rosetta Stone

    • Mango

    • Babble This is the link to the free Babble. - thanks to mwbrand1

    • Yabla

    • Voces

    • Conjuguemos - "You will find content created for over 70 world languages – including Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, German, Arabic, and English. Free Services Offered: Full access through the end of the 2019-2020 school year."

    • Fabulingua - App for cell phone or tablet free for everyone. No portable device, no problem, use Bluestacks to use any app from your computer.

    • Lingvist - "Online language learning platform Lingvist is offering all of its tools free of charge until July 31. Educators, parents and tutors can access the vocabulary, statistical learning tracking, course creation tools and a blended learning guide free, for teaching Spanish, French, German and Russian."

    For many more resources see: keep learning.

    Current Events

    Articles in Print

    Have French articles read to you at your chosen speed using the extension: Read Aloud (a Text to Speech Voice Reader)

    Other France 24 Programs (my favorites):


    Organize your youtube subscriptions Organize your French youtube learning resource subscriptions with PocketTube: Youtube Subscription Manager. You can create folders for each type of channel, for example, news, cartoons, stories ect.

    List of Open Tabs Get a list of links of all your open Google chrome tabs by opening a new tab and entering this into your address bar: chrome://inspect/#pages

    March 29, 2020



    Seriously?! Can anyone use these, or do we have to be .edu?
    I've never used Rosetta Stone but it is so famous I'd love to try it.
    My library used to subscribe to Mango and it's fantastic but they discontinued their subscription, sadly.

    [deactivated user]
      • To use Yabla make yourself a tutor regardless of age.
      • For conjuguemos, sign up as a student, no teacher code is mandatory for self-study.

      For the others, you need to be a student or a teacher to be true to their terms of use.


      Edit: never mind, Rosetta Stone is only open to students (hopefully folks wouldn't lie about this) but they do offer a 3-day free trial to regular folks.

      Mango, also, is an offer only for teachers/students. Still, I'm glad they're doing that. They are a really great resource.


      I have to confirm with the administration that I can release school info, and furtherly, what information they will require from students. This is sensitive.


      There is a new thread "Mango Languages: FREE through 30 June 2020" for several/all languages: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/38624978

      As a German I finally got Mango working here with the signup in Europe [with full Portuguese (Brazil) access]:


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