Suggestion: Vocabulary Reinforcement Upon Lesson Completion

Often, when I complete a lesson and am presented with the list of words that have been strengthened, I find myself trying to click / hover to bring up the definitions.

It seems as if this would be a natural time / place to make this info available.

For as many times as I've instinctively looked for it, I know that it would have been of great help with reinforcing vocabulary that I hadn't truly learned during the lesson.


May 3, 2013


Excellent idea! Then you would know immediately which words needed additional practice, regardless of their assumed strength level.

May 3, 2013

An interesting idea and I would approve. Hope your topic gose well :D

May 3, 2013

I may just be mis-understanding your post.This is how works for me. I click on the tree part that I have just finished, and I scroll down to show all words and then I click on a particular word and shows me the meaning, and I can then practice that word if I want to.

May 4, 2013

@jfgordy I am referencing the list of words that you have just strengthened that appears immediately after the screen announcing that a level has been completed on both the site and the app. I am aware of the fact that I can access a list of "learned" vocabulary from the main tree, but this is no help within the app.

Further, in my opinion, the timing and placement of this information is key. If I am not clear on a word I would take a few seconds to review at the end of a lesson. In all honesty, I am not going to interrupt my lesson flow to hunt around my home page for a word that I may or may not even remember by the time I am looking for it.

As I complete lessons, I still instinctively look for the ability to access a short definition.

Thank you.

May 4, 2013

Sorry Ringmod 65, I totally misunderstood you, although I was not suggesting to go back home. I was talking about the words that show up after each lesson. Even that list can be long, right?. I think your idea is excellent, and I hope it is adopted. It would be a very useful tool for us all, and less time consuming than the way I do it. Thank you for the input and suggestion.

May 4, 2013

Am ambiguous about this. Might hinder flow. Worth-testing, probably.

May 5, 2013

@CzechTomas I am unable to imagine a scenario in which such an improvement "might hinder flow".

After all, a user would need to purposely hover / click to bring up definitions, otherwise the experience would remain completely unchanged and transparent to the user.

Am I missing something? I truly do not understand your concern with "flow".

Please clarify for me.

Thank you.

May 6, 2013
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