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  5. "That is a big house."

"That is a big house."

Translation:Sin taigh mòr.

March 29, 2020



Tha sin is only used for adjectives without a noun. E.g. Tha sin gorm (That is blue) vs Sin car gorm (That is a blue car).


Thanks. I find that to be a clear explanation.


Is 'Tha sin taigh mòr' different than 'Sin taigh mòr'. If so what is it?


Tha sin taigh mòr doesn't work in Gaelic. Gaelic has two "to be"-type verbs. Tha is used to describe things - tha an taigh sin mòr - that house is big - would work. Is (often shortened to 's) is the present tense of the "to be" verb you need to identify things, and has its own sentence structure, which you will come to soon in later lessons - 'S e taigh mòr a th' ann an sin.


Sorry, I do not understand your explanation. In "tha sin taigh mor" we are indeed describing a thing-- a house-- which you say "tha" is used for. The only difference I can see between that sentence, which you tell us is incorrect, and the sentence that you say is correct -- Tha an taigh sin mor-- is "a house" vs. "the house."

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