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  5. "Is there a toilet?"

"Is there a toilet?"

Translation:A bheil taigh-beag ann?

March 29, 2020



toilet consists of house and small, is this a reference to an outhouse or something..?


With the hyphen it is a toilet, without it is a small house. I suspect it referred to an outhouse but is now used for any toilet. Seems that when spoken you need context to know which meaning


And that there is no pause, it's a single word, not two. Context is going to be your guide when new to the language though.


That was my initial thought


What is "ann", definition grammar type please?


Literally it is basically "around here, in the area", so ann an is "in" because an on its own is actually in, but for clarity it has become common to add the ann. Tha x ann is "there is x" because it is saying "x is in the general area".


Basically means "here" I guess


I just ran this sentence with the word bank. There wasn't a hyphenated word available, only taigh and beag. This might become a source of confusion for some when the answer that worked in the word bank is incorrect in other formats.

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