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  5. "Dear me, I am soaking wet."

"Dear me, I am soaking wet."

Translation:Mo chreach, tha mi bog fliuch.

March 30, 2020



Seems kinda counter-intuitive to use "soft" as an intensifier, wonder how that developed


It is not used as a general intensifier. It is usually used to intensify 'wet', because a bog (an English word of Gaelic origin) is wet and hence soft. Because bogs are 'abundant in water' it can also intensify 'abundant' (apparently) but rarely anything else. Here is what Mark (2003) says - I will format it properly when I get home.

bog, buige a flabby, foolish, humid, indulgent, limp, marshy, moist, pulpy, simple, sloppy, soft, spiritless □ phòg e na bilean boga dearga he kissed the soft red lips □ solas blàth bog warm, soft light □ am bog steeped □ tha am baile seo am bog ann an eachdraidh this town is steeped in history

bog is commonly used to intensify a following adjbog fliuch drenched, sloppy, soaking wet / dripping wet, sodden, soggy, wringing wet □ dèan bog-fliuch drench, soak □ bog balbh speechless □ bha iad bog balbh they were speechless □ bog pailt complete, more than enough □ chuir e an t-suim bog pailt air falbh he posted off the complete amount

air bhog adv afloat, floating □ cuir air bhog launch □ thèid an fhèill a chur air bhog Diluain the festival will be launched on Monday

bog-chridheach a faint-hearted b.-ghiogan nm sow thistle, milk-thistle b.-lus nm ox-tongue (plant) b.-uisge nm yellow flag / iris (a corruption of bogh'-uisge)

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