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  5. "Het water"

"Het water"

Translation:The water

July 17, 2014



So is the difference between "het" and "de" just gender? or is one more formal than the other?


The Dutch word 'het' also just means 'the' and 'it'; so you can say, "Het meisje eet een appel." (The girl eats an apple), or "Het is een meisje." (It is a girl). The Dutch word 'de' just means 'the' in some male and female nouns in the Dutch language. It's a very confusing decision to the use of 'de' and 'het'; because 'het' is for all of the neuter/neutral nouns like 'brood', 'water' or 'sap'.


Het is equivalent to german Das? Like the neutral gender? Or is it totally arbitrary?


It's not equivalent, but it is considered the neutral gender. Some Dutch words with "het" are "das" in German, others are not, so it's safer just to learn the gender with the word.


danke schön, guter Mann


Yes and no. In the old dutch there used to be three genders, I dont know which, that were male, female, and "it". Now there is only male and female, or male and "it", or "it" and female. I do not know which is which, in fact no one knows... Hope this helps...


I can't figure out how to pronounce water :(


Would it be correct to pronounce it "v-ah-t-e-r"?


try to say the word in english but make the 'a' longer. the dutch 'a' is much different than the english alphabetical letters. (anly a little like the english 'I' (aj) but without pronouncing the j)

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