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Placement test failed twice

The placement test failed twice after 2/3 of the test with the warning that there is something wrong.

July 17, 2014



I've just managed to get through. There were a few errors, but I was still able to test out of 37 skills :D Nice to be able to keep up with my Dutch like this.


It's a known issue and we're trying to get it fixed.
Thanks for reporting coldasice26! ^^

I wish I could take the placement test too,....
but at this point I'm also stuck to testing myself out of separate skills. ;)


As native dutch it doesn't make sense to start with the seperate skills :D , but my main focus is Spanish so for me it doesn't matter that much...


I tried the placement test at least 10 times now, and every time at indeed around 2/3 I get the message: "We're sorry, Duolingo is experiencing problems now. Please try this test again later". On the go I reported quite a lot of alternative correct solutions though (I'm a native Dutch speaker).


Tried again today but it failed again :(


Unfortunately, Duolingo staff doesn't work on the weekends. I can't speed up fixes and feature tweaks in any way, I'm afraid. :(

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