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Placement test failed twice

The placement test failed twice after 2/3 of the test with the warning that there is something wrong.

July 17, 2014



I've just managed to get through. There were a few errors, but I was still able to test out of 37 skills :D Nice to be able to keep up with my Dutch like this.


It's a known issue and we're trying to get it fixed.
Thanks for reporting coldasice26! ^^

I wish I could take the placement test too,....
but at this point I'm also stuck to testing myself out of separate skills. ;)


As native dutch it doesn't make sense to start with the seperate skills :D , but my main focus is Spanish so for me it doesn't matter that much...


I tried the placement test at least 10 times now, and every time at indeed around 2/3 I get the message: "We're sorry, Duolingo is experiencing problems now. Please try this test again later". On the go I reported quite a lot of alternative correct solutions though (I'm a native Dutch speaker).


Tried again today but it failed again :(


Unfortunately, Duolingo staff doesn't work on the weekends. I can't speed up fixes and feature tweaks in any way, I'm afraid. :(


I wasn't aware of this, thanks for your comment. I will just wait a few days. There are more important issues than this minor :D


Haha, so many issues, so little time. ;)


Another week has passed by it is still not fixed for me. Hope it gets fixed within a few days, is it related to Chrome, can I test it also on my Android mobile?


We, the Dutch team, do not have any answers for you. You can try using the support tab or posting in the troubleshooting forums for help from Duolingo staff.

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