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"Can you write this word on the board?"

Translation:Est-ce que vous pouvez écrire ce mot au tableau ?

March 30, 2020



this type of question is not my strong suit and i can't answer them to help myself


I get it. What I've done is buy some notebooks and each time I start a new subject, I copy (or précis, depending on content) the lightbulb hints. I also have put thin post-it markers to separate nouns, verbs, vocab, etc in it. Each time I get to something which confuses me, or there's a new word to learn (the idioms section is also well worth regularly revising as there are loads more there now than there used to be), I write them in both languages in the relevant places. Occasionally, a literal translation in English can help. Eg, est-ce que = is it that. So by using the English, I'll know if a question needs, or can have, est-ce que in it. (Is it that X is happening? = Is X happening?)

I also come to the forum of any sentence I know I was going to have problems with before I even attempted it (if I'm not feeling so badly about the sentence, sometimes the translation itself will help explain things), to see if anyone has asked and answered the question I'm wanting answered - usually "why is xyz written in this order?" or similar. When there's a full answer, I write that out too. I also copy into the back of the notebook the links people paste, because you can't click through on the app (well, my tablet won't!) and make a brief note of what it's about, so I can go there later and add to my notes. Each time I add things, I'm finding that the things I wrote before about a given problem are starting to sink in, despite my aging brain!

My ultimate aim is to create a basic desktop "website" so I can go straight to verbs, for example, to work on the various endings. These days you don't even have to know HTML coding to do it, but that's a far easier language to learn than French! I did it before for Classical Greek when I was studying it for my degree. Lots of vocab and verb ending testers etc. Once you make the required templates, it's a matter of copy and paste, and fill in the blanks! My desire is to not have a complicated and massive dictionary, but to be able to learn enough so that should I go to France, I won't starve and I'll be able to go into an hotel or restaurant - but at a higher level than a typical holiday phrase book lol. Believe me, aiming for something like the website (lives on my computer, no one can see it, so I'm not profiting financially from other people's work. That's just not my thing) can encourage you to carry on regardless!

Learning how to learn a language is the trickiest part of learning one. So if this is your first attempt, or it's been awhile since you were in school, you're having to do both at the same time now. Keep at it, it will get better!

In the meantime, ask the forum about your problem. Someone should answer it some time. If there are similar structures with different sentences, ask there too. It should get you an answer sooner. Good luck!


On peut dire "sur le tableau" au lieu de "au tableau"?

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