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  5. "De eenden lezen een boek."

"De eenden lezen een boek."

Translation:The ducks read a book.

July 17, 2014



Thanks to Duolingo's dutch course, I realized that in Netherlands, we can be what we want! :P


HAIL NETHERLANDS! I am an apple.


Ik ben een appel!!


Best comment ever. I feel the wind of freedom xD

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'Murica, dangit.


The idea of translating ilogical sentences is to avoid guessing the answer...


But this sentence is logical...


In netherlands owls cant speak dutch, but ducks can read books.!!! Thats discrimination


And you have to say "Goedenavond schildpad" whenever you cross oath with a turtle. That is hardcore!!

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What about Duo? He's pretty good.


The Ugly Duckling?


I was thinking Huey, Dewey and Louie


Huh, I guess in the Netherlands ducks can have library cards. :)


They must be having a special Duck library for themselves


De eenden must have attended Dutch course taught by Duo de uil to be literate!


A real testimony to the equality practiced by the Dutch. :D


Ok, but will they be able to read it till the eend? badumt-tsshh :')


this pun deserves a lingot hey here's a pun, so we had some quince jelly that expired on november 7 and that my dads birthday, i said, thats an aQUINCEadince


Come to the Netherlands, where anyone can be anything, like Duo the owl, you can be an appel, a sinsappel, a spin or even a sap. If you already live there, you can become a airplane and take people to this place of magic :D, and it all became possible with DUO de uil.


Do we live in Disney Universe or what? o_O


i had the same thought, yes with Donald Duck and Daisy Duck


well this is the cutest mental image in the world...


I wonder the language of the book read by these ducks :s


The choice with animal sentences is pretty much either boring or anthropomorphic. Most of the languages have animals forever drinking water or milk or eating something, mostly bread. But the Spanish course does have horses dancing in boots, elephants riding bikes and sheep working in stores. Personally, I appreciate a break from boring.


Why would "The ducks are reading a book" not be accepted?


It was accepted for me.


It is donald duck, daisy duck, and his family, welcome in the Disney world!!


wow what awesome ducks


All animals have it so good in The Netherlands


The ducks read a book? Someone has been smoking some wacky baccy...


How the hell can a duck read a book?


You better get used to that. Since animal names are just one portion of the core vocabulary that Duo has to drill, they routinely have animals doing human activities to drill different words. In the Spanish course they get much more creative. They have horses dancing in boots, elephants riding bikes and sheep working in stores. It actually does cement your knowledge better to construct unusual sentences, because you have to use your grammar skills, you won't have any sense of having heard the sentence before and knowing what it is without understanding why.


So do adults talk like this in the Nederlands or children? Many of these sentences are what would be read in children's books to children.


Duo likes to personify animals in their exercises. It happens in all the courses. In the Spanish course we have horses dancing in boots, elephants riding bikes, and sheep working in stores. These sentences are simply a way for you to practice vocabulary and grammar without relying on familiar sentences you may have heard. It's also probably more fun to make up these sentences for Duo staff. But in your native language you can create any sentence about anything at all, whether you have ever heard it said before or not. Getting away from the more familiar sentences is actually a better way to test your understanding of the grammar and vocabulary. Duo isn't a phrase book. They do cover many common phrases, especially the idiomatic ones, but the sentences are not necessarily designed to reflect common Dutch sentences. In some cases the grammar points that they want to make would be better made using a more complex sentence then they want to deal with. So some sentences can be a little "off", although not incorrect. But that tends to happen more with non Germanic languages.


The dutch ducks are nearly the best ducks


One more reason to move to the Netherlands: the ducks are very intelligent!


good for duck education


What is that owl smoking?

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