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"Did you use to exercise a lot at that time?"

Translation:Tu faisais beaucoup de sport à cette époque ?

March 30, 2020



I thought to exercise was faire du sport so wouldn't it be faisais beaucoup du sport even though beaucoup in other circumstances is followed by de?


"Beaucoup de" is set: "Tu faisais beaucoup de sport à cette époque ?"


Is there a reason why "tu faisais beaucoup de sport à cette époque-là" is not accepted? Is there a significant difference to "cette épque" and "cette époque-là"?


There is no significant difference and your proposition is very natural, no problem. I think the only problem is the additional -là being not absolutely necessary here, the list of acceptable answers does not include it. If you click on My answer should be accepted your translation may be added to that list.


"Tu faisais beaucoup de sport à cette époque?"
Instead of "à cette époque", can "à ce moment" be used?


Because the verb is in the past tense, you need "à ce moment-là".

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