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Any Other Tools For Learning French Besides Duolingo? (Books,Shows?)

I am learning a lot from Duolingo but I feel like I could be learning more. Any other tools for learning French.

Thank you

March 30, 2020



You could search shows in French, I've heard that peppa pig in different languages helps.


Skam France is a good show. They have English Subtitles and you can find it on Youtube by searching Francetv Slash.



Okay thank you!


No trouble! Enjoy your studies!


I highly recommend Memrise for learning any language, especially French. Memrise is free and it has a ton of courses that both mimic Duolingo, thus reinforcing words, but also add new vocabulary in a wide variety of areas. Using Memrise has helped me expand my vocabulary as well as reinforce what I learned here. I also suggest Pimsleur language CDs (fairly cheap through Amazon) to help with spoken language which was my issue with French. I'm far more confident with Spanish and Italian than I am with French, but I can read French better thanks to Memrise.


I finished the tree and immediately jumped into the Assimil book, which takes you to a B2 level. It's mostly conversational and informative text with a translation right on the opposite page. I'm now doing the next assimil book that takes you to C1 in french.
I'm putting my understanding to the test by watching the cartoon Wakfu and I can understand about 70-80%


A vote for Memrise and Pimsleur.


My boss is a francophone who learned English as an adult, and for adult language learning he really recommends translations of things you've already consumed in your native language. You already understand the story/context, so you can focus your energy on getting the words.

If you're a Canadian trying to learn French, there are Quebecois French versions of pretty much every Pixar movie on Canadian Netflix and Disney Plus. This is even more helpful than more generic Euro-French dubs! More generally, though, you can get French versions of popular books like Harry Potter online. Check out your library's e-book offerings. And I know that there are French dubbed versions of TONS of popular anglophone TV shows like House, Community, The Office, etc. because I've seen them on TVA (Quebec TV channel).

Crave TV (Canadian streaming platform) with the Super Ecran add-on also has tons of French dubbed/subbed HBO shows and popular movies. It's pretty expensive, though (I think it's like $25-$30 per month?)


I have used Michel Thomas French and found it pretty good...helps you to formulate & say French sentences. Other than that, there is a lot of language resources on the web of varying quality yet some good free & inexpensive options out there, in my opinion. Good luck


The movie Les Choristes is one of my favourites, I've watched it in class every few years since grade 5. Lots of pretty music, so many funny moments, good plot, memorable characters. Also, La Bataille Des Boutons (I say, with a warning for nudity)


Okay thank you!


Anki is cool flash card software that uses spaced repetition. The UI is very 90s, but it's actually great once you get used to it. You can create your own deck, but there are very good decks publicly available created by other users, such as 5000 most common French words, French sentences from easiest to hardest, and so on. It complements Duolingo well.

Another great resource is Learn French by Podcast. This is a free podcast that can help you get to the next level. There are PDF guides with full transcript for each episode and grammar tips. Those are not free unfortunately, but they make it easier to understand the lessons, especially at the beginning, so they worth it. But you can try it without them to see how much you understand, or even look at a few free samples on their website.

Parlez Away is another good podcast. It's very beginner friendly. Not many episodes, because it's relatively new, but worth following.

I haven't tried Duolingo Podcast yet, but it's on my list. Duolingo Stories, on the other hand, is an absolute must, and thankfully there's a lot of them available in French.

If you're looking for TV shows, you might want to check out The Hookup Plan and Call My Agent! They're both available on Netflix.


Try Rosetta Stone, it's very ""learning focused"" and is like duolingo but without the social part


i would suggest getting a textbook and doing exercises by hand, something standard like the Collins grammar book. do a couple of pages a day and make notes. then, when you feel a bit more confident, look at le monde or liberation each day and look up the words that are unfamiliar.


Navarro tv series Brotherhood of the Wolf film if you have an interest in the beast of gevaudan

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