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"I eat a sandwich."

Translation:Ik eet een boterham.

4 years ago



is brood different to broodje? i think it is also correct

3 years ago


Brood = bread Broodje = sandwich, sub, bun, etc.

3 years ago


Difference between "eten" and "eet"?

3 years ago


Eten is for plural and eet is for single wij eten, ik eet

3 years ago


someone said its pretty much eats and eat. I.E. She eats / she eat (he and she eat)

3 years ago


This is diffrent conjugation for the verb. There are rules for how any verb should be changed for each subject (Ik, Je, Ze (she), Hij, Het, Ze (they),We, Jullie and U). I'm not sure about all of them for the verb eten, but for Ik, Hij, Je and Ze (she) it's eet and for Ze (they), We and Jullie it's eten. You can find the rules in tips.

3 years ago