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  5. "You are stupid, Iain."

"You are stupid, Iain."

Translation:Tha thu gòrach Iain.

March 30, 2020



Poor iain getting the brunt of it all lol!


I noticed that too! What do they have against Iain?!


Yeah, I'm pretty sure they do that so it sticks in your brain


Tha mi gòrach?? Tha thu glè gòrach!! :(


Now just to learn "Am not!" and "Are too!"


Is the vocative case not necessary because we're not trying to get Iain's attention?


Iain is technically in the vocative case here - the name just doesn't show it. Names beginning with a vowel don't get the a vocative particle, and masculine names slenderise the final consonant where possible, usually by adding an i just before the last consonant/consonant group. As Iain (and e.g. Alasdair and Eairdsidh) starts with a vowel and already has a slender final consonant, no changes are necessary to change the name to the vocative case. There is also no change for masculine names that begin and end in a vowel, e.g. Anndra.


I felt so bad typing this. My baby's name is Ian....

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