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XP not changing for student's assignments

Is anyone else having students contact you saying they are doing Duolingo but their XP isn't increasing for the assignment? When I check their activity logs it is apparent they are working on it but I don't want to manually check over 70 account logs. Gracias! -Profe

March 30, 2020



Same thing is happening to my classes. I've had to check their activity logs. You're right, who wants to confirm assignment completion by going through each kid's activity log?!


Two questions:

Are your students using phones? One of the phones isn't registering XP.

Are they doing Duolingo Stories? We all love Stories immensely, but they are not hooked up to Duolingo proper yet.

I will post this to the Educator's Network to get more eyes on it for both of you, Stephanie and MonaCarro. Hang tight.


They should be using Chromebooks, not their phones and they know that the stories don't count because I have had that discussion with them. Thank you!


I have reported it. Duo is looking into it.

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