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Can't Track Student Progress

I have created several classrooms for my students through Duolingo. Many of my students claim that they have been logging in to complete assigned lessons but when I log in to check it says 0 for every single student.

I would understand if 1 or 2 students were trying to pull one over on me by saying they're logging in, but for all of my students to claim they are logging in and then for it to not show up, I feel like there is a problem with the system somewhere.

Has this happened to anyone? Any tips or suggestions?

March 30, 2020



Everyone please submit a bug report. I don't know if they even check the boards.


I let them know through the Educator's Network yesterday morning. So hang tight, they are looking at it.

Keep posting questions as you all have them! We are all in this together.


Yeah, the same thing is happening for my students too. And when I check their progress it shows that they have completed xps. I imagine there is a system problem with all the new usage.


I am having the same issue. I cannot track the students' progress.


Same problem here. Also the hub of schools.duolingo.com is too slow or dont work.

I suggest wait until the Duolingo Team fix the problem.


Are the students using phones? There is a bug that one or two brands of phones does not communicate to Duo for Schools.

Are your students using Duolingo Stories to get XP? Stories are not connected yet to Duo for schools.

I'll post this on the Educator's Network to get more eyes on it for you.


This is happening to students using computers. My students all have Macs. Their Course Progress is not showing up on my end.


This has happened before. Last time it took a month for them to fix it. I just noticed it yesterday and thought it was just me. Thank you for posting. Hopefully this will be fixed faster because I know we are all monitoring from home and need this so students don't have to submit screen shots!


This is happening to me too! I am also having an issue where some classes are having to do many more levels than others for an assignment to be considered "complete" even though the assignment is identical for the different classes (e.g. one class period only has to reach level 1, another has to reach level 5). I have tried logging in as various students in various class period but cannot figure out what the issue is.


Please submit a bug report. I don't even know if they check these boards.

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