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"A Chaluim, an e clachair a th' annad?"

Translation:Calum, are you a stonemason?

March 30, 2020



This is clearly a reference to Calum Clachair.


Isn’t “Are you a stonemason, Calum?” the same?


Yes, but there are already several different acceptable answers that someone has entered by hand. If you allow arbitrary changes of word order like this it doubles the number of valid answers. So please keep the word order the same unless there is a linguistic reason for changing it.


Would bricklayer be equally acceptable?


Not according to my dictionaries. The correct word would be criadh-chlachair 'clay-stonemason', treating bricks as stones made from clay (which they are). There are also various words that look as if they are taken from the English.

Having said that, I think clachair may be used more generally in practice, perhaps to mean 'bricklayer' or even 'builder'. In particular it is used in the Gaelic translation of the kids' TV series Bob the Builder – see my post above on Calum Clachair.

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