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"'S e tuathanach sean a th' annaibh."

Translation:You are an old farmer.

March 30, 2020



Another unacceptably rude sentence.


Why? You are an old farmer. You have lots of experience. You can handle this, believe in yourself would seem quite positive to me, all depends on the context. :P


It may be that the Gaelic is more acceptable than the English. In the past, old was always associated with wise. Consider the word elder, or the Greek word presbus which means 'old' but means 'elder' in the Presbyterian church, or the word senator which is related to sean. It maybe that Gaelic has retained this usage as I would not say this in English. In the example you quote I would use experienced.


Agree- but your wife might, or a very old friend. Definitely sounds like something not used unless affectionately.


You are assuming that it is a bad thing to be old. ;)


...but said with the polite form of "you".
Grammatically polite. Subjectively rude. How Scottish is that, eh!

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