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Multiple level classes

I am teaching French 1-2-3-AP. I would like to separate the students by class level. What are my options if any?

March 31, 2020

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You can physically make separate classes. There is a button on the upper left that says "Add another class." I have seven classes currently, but there is room for many many more.

If you are always giving the students the same assignment (for example, if you have two sections of French 1), then you can weigh the options of keeping them separate (easier to go down the list and put in the gradebook), or putting them in one big class that is called "French 1" (Quicker to create assignments).

If you have already created a class and then change your mind, it is a simple thing to click on the student. In the upper right will be a button that says "manage student." Scroll down to "move student" and you can choose the class you want the student to be in.

Hope this helps! Keep posting questions.

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