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Flaging words to practice

Durring a lesson even if it is not your top lesson you should be able to flag words to study. The little flags could be faded and staggerd among the sentence like this (F stands for flag) F F F Vous avez des chemises roses. F F After you flag a word it will color itself in / unfade. Then after you complete the lesson there can be a new type of studying tab that says study flaged words. Also if you only flaged 1-4 words it should ask you to have at least 5 flaged words. It will pull the questions with the word in it and assemble a 10-15 question timed practice test that awards coins like the normal timed practice.

Any other suggestions to add please comment and i hope this may have a chance of being added.

Thanks all :D

May 3, 2013



I'd like to know what every one thinks about this suggestion. :D Comments anyone?


I think that with a system intelligent enough to define your weak and strong words correctly there would be no need for flags. The current system does not seem perfect to me, but the flags you suggest look like a workaround, not a solution. I would prefer to have a more clever word strength mechanism, but if it proves impossible, than yes, flags will be better than nothing.


well i was just thinking of that because some rare words pop up in my skills i have be practiceing recently. some like sponge which only occurs in my basics and i all ways fail to succed on it. If their was flags in the mean time of now and towards the new update of this new system it could help users trumendously. I know i would use this system every day when a word that is unusal to me pops up.

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