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"I'm sorry; I have to refuse your invitation."

Translation:Je suis désolée, je dois refuser ton invitation.

March 31, 2020



What is wrong with "Désolé je dois refuser ton invitation"? In many exercises Duo just uses "Désolé" and omits "Je suis" so why isn't my answer accepted here? What is the difference?

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I knew the answer, but I wonder why it is desolee ? There doesn't seem to be an indication that the speaker is female.


Désolé and désolée are both equally correct. Duo always has one specific sentence with specific word forms that it is using as the correct answer to list for the exercise, and a host of others that are also correct and accepted. One thing I like about Duo is that it mixes it up and uses different forms for different exercises--it doesn't act like masculine is the default mode of being because, well, it isn't, is it? :)


Previous exercise "je suis obligé de réfuser" was indicated for I have to refuse. Not accepted here.


Perhaps it's because your "obligé" needed to be in the feminine form. Accepted on July 5, 2021: Je suis désolée, je suis obligée de refuser ton invitation.


'Je suis désolé, mais je dois refuser votre invitation' should be acceptable too - I have reported this


Your sentence is correct, but as mais is not included in the original one, I don't think Duo is going to take it.


You are right; I posted too quickly.


I used votre and not "mais" but marked wrong; Duo wanted "ta"???


Ta would be wrong. It has to be ton even though invitation is feminine because it starts with a vowel.


je suis désolé il faut que je refuse votre invitation => accepted


Isn't invitation feminine? Why not ta invitation? Or is it ton for elegance's sake?


The picture indicates that a female was saying the expression. At least that's what i guessed.

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