Translation:They have a horse.

5 years ago



Is there any way to stop mixing up the "b" and "v" sounds! Its getting really annoying!

5 years ago


In spanish we rarely distinguish "b" sound from "v" sound while we are talking. So we have to learn wich words have one and wich words have the other. I think that is the only way to learn that...

5 years ago


Hola Amigo PhoenixXx: The "b" and "v" sounds in Spanish are basically the same sound - sort of a cross between the two. Some speakers may emphasize one over the other and in some words one sound may be stronger, but, again, they are basically the same. I hope this helps and you won't be annoyed. I recommend just accept it and move on. No sense in getting upset about it. It is what it is.

5 years ago

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Do you always say "Hola Amigo__??" How do you say "hey" in spanish? And whats the difference between " Amigo" and "Amiga"?

5 years ago


Hola Ryia99: amigo = male friend,,,, amiga = female friend. Do you mean "hey" like to get somebody's attention? Or do you mean a greeting like "Hi!"

5 years ago


but what do they do with the horse?

4 years ago


I keep stumbling on this sort of statement. I go with "they own a horse", which is apparently incorrect?

2 years ago


How can you know which form of "have" to use? I know it is based on who has the object but I don't know when to use which one.

1 year ago
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