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Practice sessions

Am enjoying the introductory level but have encountered a problem. I just clicked on practice, which I think is meant to be based in part on language I have learnt? I got part way through but it was all about weather which I've only done a few minutes on previously - so it was all guesswork on my part. I withdrew part way through as it did not seem useful. Would welcome any advice - or is this just a flaw in what is otherwise an excellent course?

March 31, 2020



You can practise by choosing the dumbbell in your duome page, that way you get to pick the topic you want to practise. https://duome.eu/Jan211401/progress

Some other advice that I wish I had known when I started: do not level a skill up all the way to level 5. Do level 5, but skip out before finishing the final one by clicking the 'x' as you can return and do it as often as you'd like. If you don't you only get easy questions to answer, rarely the highest level ones. You can finish them once you think you're ready to move on.


Oh really? Is that true for all languages or just Scottish Gaelic?

I had the feeling that Gold level questions follow some kind of roster. For a few days I usually have some easier questions (though never the same) but then I get more difficult questions for a day or two or at least questions pertaining to vocab I haven't fully internalised yet.


Since it's a Duolingo feature yes I'd say it's true for all languages. It is possible and even logical that there is some kind of roster, however it appears to mostly pick from level 1 to 4 and seldom the hardest stuff.

Like when you repair a cracked skill and it's so easy, which makes you feel good and then you repeat a level 5 and you realize there's still so much to learn...

Doesn't mean it's entirely useless though as it's all about rehearsing what you've learned so far and it does feel somewhat weird to leave the skills at level 4 instead of turning them golden and move on...


I really do not get why this should be the way, really strange. It shouldn't be hard for the golden practice to pick stuff from level 5? Pity that I already finished all my lessons in the Scottish Gaelic course... So I will have to find some other way to practice those things from level 5.

Thanks for the info! :)


You're welcome. Luckily for all of us they are working really hard on getting the rest of the tree ready and no doubt we will get to rehearse in there as well, as Duolingo builds upon known stuff.

For lists of the words learned you could take a look at https://duolingo.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Scottish_Gaelic_skills

Another option would be to check 'Sentences' which normally doesn't show at the top of the forum, but when you click Scottish Gaelic in the subscriptions it does. It's the same discussions you are being directed to when clicking the option in a lesson and some of them contain extra info on the why and how on top of https://duome.eu/tips/en/gd

As for listening, several options are mentioned here https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37439964 and those links no doubt have plenty of material to keep you busy until the tree is complete.


Thanks for all the links and tips! I've been practicing the full tree up and down every few days now and could use some extra material and tips. I am so looking forward to the rest of the tree.


I started a second account and now have all the skills up to level 4. I can now do the level 5 lessons again as often as I want by crashing out after the last question and before clicking "continue". Doesn't get any XP, but it's the only way to do it. I'll only click "continue" after the last question when I've thoroughly mastered the material being presented at that level.


Wow, that's going the extra mile! Great idea!


It appears as though the issue is currently solved and the practice is a bit more challenging again now. :)


That's great to hear. I hope it stays that way :)


practice i have notice will give you a few things you have learned.But mostly it is pushing you to use your memory and context clues to do the rest its actually very helpful and good for quick lesson.


I am getting somewhat bored with constant practice sessions to fill up my daily allotted tasks. Ia there any new material?


We're working away on the next update at the moment, but as we are all volunteers, there's only so much time we can dedicate to it.


All good things are worth the wait, and right now most of us are just happy that we have a Gaelic course to learn and practice, plus new stuff to be released whenever it's ready.

Chan eil mi mì-fhoighidneach, a tha thu mì-fhoighidneach.. ;-)


There is.. and plenty of it, it seems, but they can't implement it yet due to a bug in the recording part that needs to be dealt with first. There are other options outside of Duolingo that teach Gaelic so there is no need to be bored, just patient.

This was posted a month ago: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36695026


The audio bug has been fixed, but we'll have to deal with the backlog of audio issues in Tree 1 before recording audio for Tree 2. Also, it takes a good few hours to record audio for just one skill, so unfortunately it's not the easiest task. We have lots of audio to record. We are working on getting folk on board at the moment to help us out with some audio recording though :)


Thanks for the update! Glad to hear the bug has been fixed. Yes, no doubt there goes a lot of work into creating a course, especially the recordings. Just hope you know we're looking forward to it as this is one of the best courses here, since you (the Gaelic team) put so much effort into making it such an entertaining one. All the better for learning a new language.


Thank you! We're also looking forward to releasing it :)


Thanks so much for all you're doing. I have to admit I've got to the point where some days I wander off and bang out a few German stories just to keep my place in the league, because I'm getting a bit bored practising on the gold Gaelic tree.

Not that I never make any mistakes, don't think that for a minute, and it does do me good to keep practising because the mistakes go down when I do this, but it gets a bit boring repeating the same material. So while I am gagging for the next lot, I possess my soul in patience as my mother would have said, and thank you for your efforts.


Trust me, this whole pandemic situation makes me wish more than ever that the course was ready, as I know there are plenty of people with lots of extra time on their hands. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them at the moment.


Let me say how much I appreciate the people you have got volunteering and giving us multiple dialects that we're hearing. It is amazing how well you all have put this together for us. Our patience at whatever level we've got it is just indicative of an incredible hunger to learn this language! Maybe it's cheeky of me to say, but the English are having to watch now as we rush to relearn a language they thought they could get rid of! Part of me just wants to shout, There! Take that! (In Gaelic, of course!)

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