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Assign a Story for homework

Usually I show a story with students in class. With the current situation, I wonder if I can assign a specific story for students to watch at home? or do they have to go through the sequence in consecutive order. I'd like to assign specific stories that are related to certain topics we are studying.

March 31, 2020


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You can't assign Stories the way you can assign skills, as far as I'm aware, but users can do specific Stories if they have a direct link, even if they haven't done the earlier ones. For example, this is the direct link to part 1 of the very last French story: https://stories.duolingo.com/lessons/fr-2042-1-avatar.

I don't know if anyone made an overview of these links or if you can get them from the source code or anything, otherwise someone who has already done the story would need to share the link with you. (Or you'd first have to go through all of them yourself.)


[LTS] Learn Through Stories : Overview

There are direct links to each story, in the appropriate forum pages


Somehow I missed this question three weeks ago, Jorma.

When students unlock a set of stories, they can do any of the ten stories (or the earlier sets) in any order. But they will need to do all the stories in a set in order to progress to the next set.

When I assign Stories, since they aren't linked to the XP assignments yet, I have them send me a screen shot of the golden icon.

If you want to by-pass all of that, here's a link to all the sound files and scripts. https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/36691441. I give my students the sound file, the script, a word bank, a writing prompt, and a game. (For example, print out the script and slice it up, and then see if you can put it back into order.

Hope this helps!

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