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"I don't know French cinema well."

Translation:Je ne connais pas bien le cinéma français.

March 31, 2020



What's the difference between connaitre and savoir please

You should have a look here, an explanation is given.


Merci beaucoup! C'est tres utile.


i thought after a negative that le became de


Your good comment forced me to look up the answer. An indefinite article (un, une, or des) is replaced with de in a negative sentence. A definite article (le, la, or les) remains the same in a negative sentence.


The definite articles le/la/les never become de in the negative sentences. Even the indefinite or partitive articles do not always switch to de after a negative; it happens only if they are the direct object in the sentence. In other words, in the negative sentences, you change an article to de if and only if it is an indefinite/partitive article AND it acts as an direct object. These two requirements must be fulfilled at the same time, no exceptions.


Is it incorrect to say "je ne connais bien" without the "pas"? I thought that was acceptable French.

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