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Beta course XP points not added to All Time count

I am currently doing Dutch (for English speakers) BETA course. While I am earning my XP points, none are being added to the all time count. However, they are getting added to my weekly and monthly counts. Is it an issue related to the course being in BETA (and not supported on mobile platforms yet), or is there something genuinely wrong?

July 17, 2014



I think they are being added for me (and I'm pretty sure I never had this problem for other beta courses). Maybe the counts are simply not refreshing? Did you try closing your browser and reopening it?


I tried refreshing the browser, this didn't update the all time count. I completed a lesson in another language (Spanish for English speakers) and all the counts were updated accordingly. Still didn't get my Dutch points added to the all time counter.


After doing another test I now notice that I also have the problem. Very strange indeed.


I have the same issue. The counter for week and month are updated, but my total amount isn't.

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