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Using Duolingo with a class

Hi. Is it possible for my students to see each other on Duolingo and interact somehow, maybe "compete" with one another's progress to inspire them to study more? Also , I want to show my students I am also working along with them so could I study Spanish while my students study English but still "participate" together?

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

March 31, 2020

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Sort ot, HannahBour.

Your students can "follow" each other. There is a rectangle on the right side, under the leaderboard, where they can enter their classmates' usernames and click on "follow." This of course requires them to type in all their classmates' names. The good news is that once they have entered someone's name, that person will get an e-mail saying, "Bob is following you! Do you want to follow back?" and then all they have to do is click. But sigh, yes, it is a lot of clicking and entering names.

An amazing colleague from the Duolingo Educator's Network named Kathy has a wall with owls with names written on them. The students move their owls across the room in a kind of "race" as the year progresses. I was thinking about how to do that over our class "website." (My district uses Microsoft Teams, but maybe your district has something similar?)

For showing your students your progress, create a mass e-mail and show your students screenshots of what you personally are doing. They really need to feel connected to you right now. Encourage them to e-mail you back.

Just some thoughts. Hang in there, and keep posting questions as you have them!

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