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  5. "Bu toil leam aran."

"Bu toil leam aran."

Translation:I would like bread.

March 31, 2020



What does "bu" mean, here?


would be

Literally the whole sentence means would be pleasure/delight with-me bread, a bit less literally bread is what I would find (to be) a pleasure/delight; bread would be my pleasure/delight.

bu (before vowels b’) is the independent past and conditional form of the copula is, and it causes lenition, except for dental consonants, so eg.:

  • is cat e it is a cat, bu chat e it was a cat (or rarely, depending on context: it would be a cat),
  • is e tidsear a th’ annam I am a teacher, b’ e tidsear a bh’ annam I was a teacher (here used with the bi verb used to describe people and things and their whereabouts: is e X a th’ ann an Y means Y is X, literally it is X that is in Y),
  • is toil leam e I like it, bu toil leam e I liked it/I would like it.


Can you use this as "Would you pass me (the) bread, please" - e.g. at the table ?!

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