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I Can't See My Assignments

My teacher and I have checked that I'm in the right classroom and I'm logged on to the email that was invited to the classroom, but I'm still not able to see my assignments. I know of me and one other classmate having this issue, the rest of my class can see the assignments just fine. I'm on a MacBook Air and use Chrome but I'm not sure what my teacher uses.

March 31, 2020



The account you used to post this message does not appear to be in a classroom at all. Check your settings: https://www.duolingo.com/settings/schools. Does it say you're in a classroom?

This is from your extended user profile:


Yes, it does. I'm not quite sure how to attach a screenshot, but it says the name of my class and has my teachers email next to the name.


Thanks for confirming (no need to share a screenshot). I'm probably mistaken about the information in the extended user profile, then. I guess it's only showing classrooms for teachers. Your profile does also say:

num_active_assignments 0
num_lifetime_assignments 0

Did your teacher assign the assignment before you joined the classroom? He or she may have to try assigning it to you again.


Thank you for your help! Here are some questions my teacher has: 1. Are they wanting me to cancel/delete the assignment? How would this impact the rest of the class? Would that mean that the other students in the class wouldn't get credit for the work they have already completed?

  1. Are they asking me to re-assign the same lessons? How would this impact the rest of the class? Would that mean that the other students would be asked to complete the assignments a second time?

  2. Is there a way I could assign (or re-assign as the case seems to be here... ) the lessons to just a handful of people so the rest of the class does not have to deal with any incomplete assignments?


Ask your teacher to go the 'Assignments' tab and click on the assignment in question. If it is indeed the case that you joined the classroom after she already gave the assignment, she should see something like this:

full screen

She should be able to give you (and your classmate) the assignment by clicking 'Assign now' without affecting the other students.


I have also had trouble getting my students signed in. i dont understand why you have to join first then get assignment. Seems to me you sign in once your teacher has sent the first assignment.


I am the teacher in this class and can not find a place where "Assign now" is an option on my classroom page


When you click on an assignment in your Assignments tab ...

... you should seem something like this:

With a list of students the assignment was given to and their status.

If you had students join after you gave the assignment, you should see this:

If you don't, there must be a different problem affecting these students. I hope someone else reading this has some idea as to what that problem may be, because I unfortunately don't.


Thank you! It worked! The option didn't show up for the one assignment that hadn't gone "live" yet and that was why the "Assign now" option wasn't there! Which makes sense. Problem solved! Thank you!!


Excellent! I'm glad to hear it.


Also, just so you know, I could not reply to this discussion till I completed enough activities to get to Level 2, which I find rather silly...

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