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None of my students can find our first assignment

How do students find their assignment? Does this even really work?

March 31, 2020



Students should get an email, and the assignment should be visible in the 'Learn' tab in the desktop version (assignments are not visible in the app). If students joined your classroom after you already gave the assignment, I don't believe they will see it. You'll have to try giving the same assignment again.

Edit: to give the assignment to students that joined later, go to the 'Assignments' tab, click on the assignment in question, and click 'Assign now':

full screen


Hey Alan - I was just struggling with the same thing but seemed to have resolved the issue. The emails/assignments seem to currently be appearing for students with a delay (the delay on my end was 1 hour). The student did eventually receive an email with the assignment and on their duolingo homescreen (on web, it doesn't show on mobile) they will see assignments under their "XP Progress Section". Hopefully it's working for you now.


So I think for students there is no change in appearance to their screen. But if you "assign" a lesson, it will unlock for them, and they just have to scroll down on the skill tree to find it. Or it will just count XP as they go about their usual duolingo levels. I'm not sure if it will unlock an assignment that is beyond a "checkpoint" (little tower icon).


Thank you very very much for the help!

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