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"All these young artists are still unknown."

Translation:Tous ces jeunes artistes sont encore inconnus.

March 31, 2020



The use of tous rather than toutes indicates that the artists are male, hence the uses of inconnus, rather than inconnues, hope this helps :)


It helps! Merci.


That is not correct.

It suggests that at least one of the artists is male, or that the speaker does not know their genders.


I wrote 'inconnues' as I could not tell if the artists were male or female. It was not accepted. How would I know that 'inconnus' should have been the answer?


Why isnt "Tous ces artistes jeunes sont encore inconnus." accepted as usually in French the adjective follows the noun?


Can I use toujours. When do I use toujours vs encore


In the dictionary the word 'artiste' is given a gender assignment of m/f.


Yes you can say un artiste et une artiste and with the definite article : l'artiste.


What would the entire sentence be like if you changed the gender?


Toutes ... (as mentioned above)


Should "Toutes ces jeunes artistes sont encore méconnues." be accepted?

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"inconnues"... pas encore connues ; "méconnues" : ce que l'on sait n'est pas exact ou n'est pas juste.


But in the context of an artiste, it means neglected, undervalued or more importantly, little known.

It seems that in real life, this is the most common usage for méconnu(e)(s):

"elle est méconnue"

"elles sont méconnues"

"il est méconnu"

"ils sont méconnus"

Whilst the English sentence obviously could mean, "ils sont inconnus", it seems to me that it could also mean "ils sont méconnus". Certainly within the context of this the "Interview" skill because, if they are total unknowns, how come they are being interviewed?

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"Encore" makes the difference, IMHO, "tous ces jeunes artistes sont encore inconnus" but a day they will be, the situation is "normal", "tous ces jeunes artistes sont méconnus" this is almost the same meaning, but "tous ces jeunes artistes sont encore méconnus" something is wrong. They should be known.


Thanks. I was actually slowly coming to that conclusion by myself.

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Congratulations. It is not obvious !


They are being interviewed to see if they are eligible for tier dole

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