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"It's not one big bed, but two separate beds."

Translation:Ce n'est pas un grand lit, mais deux lits séparés.

March 31, 2020



Why is "grand" before lit, but "séparés" is after lits? When does the adjective come before the noun vs. after it?


BANGS adjectives (beauty, age, number, goodness, size) are all adjectives that come before the noun.


Thanks for this tip


I put "large" since the way a bed is big is usually on the width but I can understand it being marked wrong since the English sentence doesn't say "wide". Why is it "grand" though? Seems like "gros" would make more sense, volume rather than height.


why cant i use ça instead of ce


"Ça" means "this" or "that", not it.

I think it's true to say that "ça" is never used as the subject pronoun with "être" (I think it is also true to say that "ça" cannot be used as the subject pronoun with "être").

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