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What type of Latin is used?

I'm wondering, is the Latin taught in Duolingo Classical Latin or another type?

March 31, 2020



It's Latin American, ese.

Seriously now, it's on the page of the first tip of the course: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/la/Introduction/tips-and-notes

Pronunciation - This course uses Classical Pronunciation.

A few things worth noting:

V sounds like the English W

C always sounds like a K

G is always hard and never J

AE sounds like the English word "eye"


2020-03-01 Classical Latin and classical pronunciation are two different things. Nonetheless, as Steve86340 states, the course is designed to teach Classical Latin vocabulary, grammar, and syntax, with a few words updated for the modern world, such as Novum Eboracum for “New York”. Reading how they came up with that was fun. :)

Timor mortis conturbat me.


It is indeed Classical Latin. Classical Latin is the most practical to teach because it's the only dialect/language that was 'preserved', since it was used mostly for official purposes among the elites. The actual spoken dialects of Vulgar Latin were diverse and changed quite a bit over time, eventually becoming the modern Romance languages.

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