I am new to Duolingo and my students really like it. This has been a great tool especially while home during Corona Virus. However, I have spent more time answering questions and troubleshooting than I had planned. It really has been quite stressful for me.

I sent the assignment to complete Greetings. When I check their progress, I see they have several XP points but assignment is not completed. The assignment doesn't tell them they have to complete a certain number of lessons to complete one level and again another certain number of lessons to the next level. They think they are complete once they finish 4 lessons. I don't understand how many lessons are in each level and how I exactly I send that in the assignment. Please help because I am extremely frustrated. They don't understand when they have completed the lesson or not. ANd I don't either. What is the best way for assignments? a certain number of XP points or by topic????

March 31, 2020


MarySnow, their circle will turn from purple to green when they have completed the assignment. (or green to red, or red to orange (I think -- I'm a little colorblind), and then to golden.) I believe there are five lessons...? Somebody please chime in.

Here's my view, which you are free to discard: All of my students start Duolingo the 2nd month of their first year. So they are professionals at it. And yet, right now, because I know that they are stressed, I am just assigning XP. I don't really care what lesson they do, as long as they look at French or Spanish or Japanese one time a day. If they just want to repeat Basics a million times right now, I am fine with that. If they want to try to blaze ahead, I am fine with that, too. The last day of school one of my colleagues mentioned that the kids were going to be very high on the ACES scale (trauma scale) when we get back to school. So I am keeping it simple for them right now.

That's just my opinion. I hope this helps!

Please keep posting questions as you have them. We are all in this together!

That’s awesome advice! Thank you so very much! You have eased my mind tremendously. Again, thanks! Merci Mille foils!

Pas de problème. Keep posting questions.

I have a student trying to sign in on his iPad with my class code and it says “an unknown error occurred. Please try again later” Is this just an internet connection problem?

Let me report this for you. Hang tight.

Hi Mary,

Do you have the student's Duolingo name and the name of the classroom that you wish to enter him in?

I'll try to impersonate and add him to the classroom.

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