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"De vrouwen en mannen komen uit Nederland en België."

Translation:The women and men come from the Netherlands and Belgium.

July 17, 2014



In UK English this sentence would start : The men and women............ even if ladies should come first!


Agreed, any Dutch speakers who can tell us if there is a Dutch convention like the English one, and if this is it? English speakers would almost always say "men and women" (along with "salt and pepper", "ham and cheese" and any number of other combinations that we have a linguistic habit of saying in a particular order).


It's the same in Dutch, men goes before women. They're just messing with us, I guess :)


it is not just UK English, but English in general. Paid with a heart though for my outstanding English knowledge...


I called the Netherlands Holland. Paid with a heart. :/


Yeah, bit of a geography lesson here. The Netherlands is a country, Holland is the name of two provinces in the Netherlands: North Holland and South Holland.

They are not the same thing, the words are not interchangeable, although they're often used interchangeably in English. So when you see "Nederand" just go with the obvious translation of "the Netherlands."


I know about the provinces. I thought let's risk Holland and see what happens. Well, didn't go too well :P


I guess some of these people came from some of the other provinces in the Netherlands. With the three biggest cities of the Netherlands being in "Holland" or North and South Holland, it was possible that they happened to come from this area, but I guess not. It is like saying England instead of the UK when some of the group come from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


If you are using U S international key board shift+" and the press e.And if you are using Dutch key board press [and then e


I called it just plain "Netherlands" (like the language description?). My hearts suffered.


Once upon a time, there were multiple geographically low lands: nether lands. They united into the Kingdom of Seven United Netherlands (Koninkrijk der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden), which in time became the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Koninkrijk der Nederlanden), and eventually just The Netherlands in English, and 'Nederland' in Dutch.

And there you have a very, very, very simplified version of how our country and its name came to be! It is of course actually much more complicated end really quite interesting, but I'll spare you the details ;)


In English we generally use "the" in front of plural country names.


I don't think this translation is correct, it certainly doesn't mean to make much sense. Shouldn't it be "THE women and men come from the Netherlands and Belgium"?


I replied that, and got it correct, do you still get an error or maybe they've fixed it?


Yes, they have fixed it, but curiosity begs what was it originally?


The last "e " as in Belgie is not available on most devices, but I lost several hearts over it. ???


I don't know about other devices, but on apple stuff, when you hold down the letter for a second, it'll give you a choice of using that letter with various accents.


The translated sentence above: the women and men..... I wrote the ladies and gentlemen - it was marked as wrong - corrected as : the ladies and the men... So, there are two (2) 'the'-s there..... ??


mannen =/= gentlemen, gentlemen = meneren


The word ''Women'' dose no appear in the question

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