"Eu merg spre ei."

Traducere:I walk towards them.

July 17, 2014

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La o intrebare anterioara cand am pus toward nu a fost corect. Acum cand am pus towards scria ca si toward e corect


Asa am patit si eu. Corect e toward pt ca "s" se pune doar la pers III singular si aici e vorba despre "el". E o greseala ce trebuie corectata.


Which should you use, "toward" or "towards"?

Wednesday January 25th 2012


Which should you use, "toward" or "towards"?



Margaret from the US asked when to use toward and towards.


Although this is a question that confuses many, the answer is simple:  Toward and towards are completely interchangeable, so you can use either one whenever you want.

Now let’s go a little deeper: 

Toward and towards are prepositions that mean “in the direction of someone or something, or close in location or time."  As prepositions, they are followed by nouns or noun phrases.

However, there is a difference in their usage. Although toward andtowards are used at about the same frequency in spoken language, in written language toward is used much more often than towards, roughly five times as often. (This applies to American English only; in British English towards is the more common variation.) So if you'd like to be on the safe side, use towardand you won't be wrong. But the choice is really up to you.

Below are some common expressions and example sentences with toward/towards.

attitude toward(s)           Rachel has a serious attitude toward(s) her work.to turn toward(s)            The flowers will turn toward(s) the sun.toward(s) the end of       We're going on vacation toward(s) the end of the month. 

I hope this helps.


Ce diferenta este intre "toward" si "towards" ? Intreb asta deorece la o intrebare anterioara mi s-a spus ca "toward" este gresit.


Se pot folosi amandoua, deorece exprima acelasi cuvant ! este DOAR o diferenta de scriere !


Aici corect este doar toward pentru ca se adauga un "s" doar la persoana a III-a singular, aici nu e cazul pt ca este vorba despre "El". E o eroare ce trebuie corectata.


nici eu nu inteleg


am pus solutia nr 2 si nu merge


Mie îmi arată ca nu sunt corecte nici una.


Uneori când scrie toate este doar una iar alteori sunt două și ăsta mă derutează


Ce inseamna toward ?


Inseamna ,, spre '' .


Eu cred ca ambele trebuiau de selectat


Eu am selectat ,, I walk toward them '' si mi-a spus ca era corect si ,,I wolk towards them '' .


Nu ma lasa sa trec, imi arata ca e corect același raspuns, si,chiar dacă e la fel,nu ma lasa sa trec


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