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  5. "I have slept with the mice."

"I have slept with the mice."

Translation:Ik heb met de muizen geslapen.

July 17, 2014



In Flanders you only can say: 'ik heb bij de muizen geslapen', 'Ik heb met de muizen geslapen' will make people think dirty thoughts.


Interesting...I like learning how other cultures make dirty interpretations.


Is that some sort of idiom?


I would also like to know an answer to that question..


Why not geslaapt?


Kan het ook niet "Ik heb geslapen met de muizen?"


Grammatically speaking, only 'Ik heb met de muizen geslapen' is correct. The past participle (voltooid deelwoord, in this case 'geslapen') should always be at the end of a sentence. They will absolutely understand you when using 'Ik heb geslapen met de muizen' as quite a few Dutch people make this mistake too, it is just not correct.


I'm Belgian and I didn't know that, is it a Flemish thing or do Dutch people also make this mistake?


I don't know if the Flemish do this, I am Dutch myself but do not speak with Flemish people on a daily basis. The Dutch certainly do, I even doubted whether your answer was correct or not. 'Ik heb met de muizen geslapen' just sounded better to me than 'Ik heb geslapen met de muizen', and after a bit of research I found out that the first one is grammatically correct. Just being curious: are you Walloon or Flemish (as you are learning Dutch)?


I'm Flemish, but I was just checking the content and looking if there weren't any problems that I could report.


Heb jij met de vijand geslaapen?


Is this an idiomatic way of saying that one slept well? Like "I slept like a log"?


That would dedinitely make more sense than the beastiality it currently implies, haha!

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