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How to assign 5 Crowns a week?

I'd like to assign 5 Crowns a week.

I don't care which lesson or lessons are levelled up. I don’t care if they are done all in one day or spread over 7 days. I just want 5 crowns a week to be completed and to be able to quickly and easily see if that’s happened.

So, is this possible? If yes, how is it done? And, if not, what are some other options that accomplish the same goal?

April 1, 2020



Mikali, your only option is to click on "collect points" (which is XP). I've been doing Duolingo for six years, and I am still not sure how crowns relates to XP. (Crowns are relatively new.) For now, I recommend that you just stick with XP.

You can have your students send you screen shots of their crowns if you wish, and say, "Have a total of at least 100 crowns by the end of the week," but frankly, tracking XP through Duo for Schools is easier. Just my opinion.

I hope this helps! Keep posting questions as you have them.


Thank you. I was hoping to avoid XPs because they can be obtained by doing the same exercise over and over. But, if that's the best option, then that's the best option.

We're also going to give some other online tools a try.

We'll figure out what works.

Thanks again.


Because too many people were level-grinding to get into the leagues, Duo blocked the ability to do the same level over and over. The very last day of school before the "Stay home, stay healthy" order, I was trying to walk two colleagues through how Duo works. I showed the first colleague while we were waiting for the second to come, and then the second colleague came in and I wanted to show her "Basics," but was unable to. A message came up "You have already completed this skill for today."

Other online platforms that I like: Mango Languages (I like how the grammar is color-coded, and the use of native speakers. But there are no exercises to do, only listening and hopefully repeating back), and Memrize (I love the word-on-the-street native speakers). But the downside of both of these is that you can't track your students. Have your students take screenshots and send them to you if you use something like that.

Hang in there! We'll get through this together.


I like to use student progress view for this, but as of last week, mine is not working. When it works, you can see the crown levels each student is on by the color of the bubble next to their name. This will not help if they are doing random crowns though. It does work when you have assigned a certain crown level.... when it works. This is the second time mine has not shown up in a school year. Getting tired of it....

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