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[index] Adjectives 2 - Word List

July 17, 2014



Wow, that's an awesome list with great detail, thanks, I'm sharing this on Google+!


Good on you Cephlin ! It is a learning journey for all of us ! (at least living is a learning journey for me ;)

[deactivated user]

    This is amazing!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! Since I'm here I've read about vocab tab, haven't seen one, now for me your list will be my tab :)


    Colour adjectives don't change if the colour is also a word (of a flower or something) So you would say une fleur rose, un livre rose, des fleurs rose et des livres rose. This is a rule even a lot of French people get wrong. There is also this des vaches blanches et noires means that there are white cows ans black cows. BUT des vaches noir et blanc means that each cow is black and white.


    You are BRILLIANT Shanigans ! :)


    So do you say Les fleurs rose et les livres rose ? This is as EACH individual flower in this bunch of flowers is red, and EACH individual book in this bunch of books is red.
    It is because the grouping is made up of lots of individuals.


    SO what about things like the color of a liquid - say like maple syrup or honey or water or a flavored lemonade? Or things like rice or grains? Or an algal bloom on lake?


    I see colors needs yet another review - and a special thread all of its own !


    Because there is more that needs to be said about colors, I am removing the examples of colors from this top thread - but will be putting them in another thread about colors. Thank you again Shaningans for your fantastic input.


    I have the rule in a book. Will look it out when I have a bit of time


    Yes, in about 3 weeks time when I catch up ;)


    africainen has to be africain, but thanks for your work (and all of your previous posts)!


    Fixed :) Yes - I do typos. I also want to add sound files directly to these - although I love referencing other sources like Wiktionary for these as well. Gosh you were quick at picking up a mistake ! That is why I have given you a lingot. It is not good when I do mistakes ! Thanks for that. And thanks for your support !


    Wow, awesome list and great effort. Much appreciated! 17 lingots for you ;-)


    Fabagasted ! You are much too kind. There is still so much to do. Thank you for your kindness. I am trying to improve my learning journey by studying the detail that I have put up here, and trying to share it with others, in case it helps their learning journey. I am trying to direct people to other resources that may help them, but create the insights - the unique insights - that duolingo is providing me on the structure and learning journey of acquiring another language. Thank you for your appreciation. (ps "Fabagasted" is not an official word in english, but it is the word that came to mind with your generosity. It took me unawares, and I thank you).


    This is great! Thank you very much!


    You are star for this! Have a lingot.


    oooo, I had forgotten about this. Thanks for commenting. I have just now made a few small changes to this list, and I must spend some more time on it. I have just added some notes for some of the few adjectives that appear before the noun. Also if you click on the wiktionary link - they now have sound files there for the words :) ( YEAH ! )
    Thanks for commenting, and for the lingot :)


    facile in plural should be faciles

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