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How difficult is it for people who speak Metropolitan French to understand Canadian French?

I was just wondering if anybody who can speak Metropolitan French (better than me anyways haha) had a difficult time understanding Canadian French. I know a big part of it will be on vocabulary, but I was wondering if there were any other big differences or anything else that might make it difficult to understand and vice versa for those that speak Canadian French :)

Merci beaucoup!!

(I also don't know why people don't like the question, did I say something rude? I'm sorry, I just genuinely don't know, if I was I'm terribly sorry)

April 1, 2020


fr. native speaker


It is often rather hard for french people to understand Quebec accent, and many expressions and words are used a bit differently. It takes time to get used to it.


Merci beaucoup!!


I live in Canada and my French teacher said that one of the main differences is that in France, they speak slower and they're words are separated (Je suis une fille), where as in Quebec, they speak faster and their word are bunched together (Jesuisunefille). Sorry if that didn't make any sense. It's easier to explain when you can say it out loud :)


I have noticed the same - "they speak faster and their words are bunched together".


I get what you're saying, thank you! :)


I have two language partners, one from France and one from Quebec. I've been talking with the one from France for about five years, and only a couple of years with the fellow from Montreal. Anyway, I understand just about everything the one from France says, but I still struggle a lot with the Quebecois accent and expressions.


I see, thank you so much!


Like @renato_f suggested in those Youtube searches, I came across DENYZEE. Even though I barely understand everything that's said, yet, it's still entertaining to watch.

These two videos are good examples for what you're asking. https://youtu.be/QdSSvXdG0p0



Thank you! I hope all goes well on your language learning journey :)


Thanks, you too!

[deactivated user]

    As easy as it is for British English and American English speakers to understand each other - there are some minor differences but you won't often get flummoxed.


    Some French people would heavily disagree. I heard some call it as if was an entire different language


    Growing up, I learned mostly Quebecois French, however, we did also engage with Metropolitan French. My highschool French teacher was from France, so I got to see some of the more casual uses of France's French, as well as some of the more casual, slang-y Quebecois French. I think this has given me an advantage, as the two do sound slightly different to me, but moreso in as accent and slang way than anything else. I don't know if that's helpful, just thought I'd add my two cents.


    No, that helps a lot! Thank you so much for your input :)


    Love the Quebec accent ! Love the "Belle Province" ! Lots of love to our Quebec cousins ! Here is a website about French Quebecois expressions, in French, but well done and entertaining to learn expression specific to Quebec : http://www.je-parle-quebecois.com/lexique/definition/expression-quebecoise.html My favorite expression : "Accroche ta tuque avec d'la broche !" Also, I'm following a political analyst youtube channel, the guy is Quebecois, he is cultured but still has this beautiful accent : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxLJZvb6-tlvk5Lq_vyETOQ Not only the content is interesting but his accent is just simply gorgeous... and still very understandable ! Love his accent through and through !


    It is said that Quebec people speak the French we used to speak in France during the 17th century.

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