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"I have trouble understanding why they do that."

Translation:J'ai du mal à comprendre pourquoi ils font ça.

April 1, 2020



why is 'ils y font' wrong ? i'm still trying to get a grasp on y / en


"Y" represents, most of the time, a complement introduced by the preposition "à":

  • "je pense à ce problème" = "j'y pense";

  • "ne touche pas à ça" = "n'y touche pas";

  • "elle va au cinéma" = "elle y va".

Since "faire" doesn't require "à" (or any other preposition) to link it to its object, you can't replace the object with "y".


So it's the verb following the 'y' not the verb in the previous phrase. Merci


Why not pourquoi est-ce qu'ils font ça ?

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