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"J'ai acheté une douzaine d'oranges au marché."

Translation:I bought a dozen oranges at the market.

April 1, 2020



In English, a dozen means exactly 12 (if you buy a dozen eggs, you don't expect to get 11 or 13). In French, I understand that douzaine means about 12. So why is the translation not "I bought about a dozen oranges at the market".


According to Collins Dictionary (https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/french-english/douzaine) "douzaine" can mean "dozen" or "about 12". Collins is a great resource we can use to find answers.


I can't leave a comment in Weddings Level 2 so I'll leave it here. During Weddings 2, there is a question beginning with 'Quand la professeure......' and the expectation is that the learner fills in the blanks. However there are no pop up choices and the exervise is frozen so the learner can't suggest their own words. I've had to now abandon Weddings 2 twice at this question and can't finish the module. Can this be rectified please?


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