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Accusative vs. Dative

I'm still a little foggy at times when it comes to recognizing the accusative case vs. the dative case. Could someone help my clarify exactly when should be used vs. the other?

Also, one sentence that made me wonder was

"Ich spiele mit den Kindern"

Is the word "Kindern" being used in an accusative or dative case? I suspect dative...but why isn't it accusative?

I just need to understand the difference a little better...

August 6, 2012



Yes, in this sentence "Kindern" is dative and the reason is because of "mit" which is a preposition that puts the object into the dative case. This page might help you understand all four cases and how all the various prepositions work. At the very bottom you'll find a link to a PDF: "Die 4 Fälle (short summary, 1 page)" I highly suggest printing that out so you can have a handy reference for the prepositions and which case each one takes. http://www.deutschseite.de/grammatik/faelle/faelle.html


Thanks, this certainly helps!

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