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  5. "I am a firefighter now."

"I am a firefighter now."

Translation:'S e neach-smàlaidh a th' annam a-nis.

April 1, 2020



I had this as a "Write this in Scottish Gaelic" question and answered using the tiles provided. I was told "You have a typo." with the correct answer being given as "'S e neach-smàlaidh a th 'annam a nis." with 'annam underlined. I should have thought that in the correct answer the apostrophe should have been after th rather than before annam. I've reported this, unfortunately incorrectly, as "My answer should be accepted".


I don’t think the contributors can do anything about it (not sure though) – it seems to me that the Duolingo software does funny things to punctuation such as apostrophes with the words (since in general punctuation is ignored in answers). The correct translation is shown as 'S e neach-smàlaidh a th' annam a-nis. with the apostrophe correctly sticking to th' in the discussion.

So I guess fixing this would require changes to the Duolingo software (and I believe similar problems were already reported as bugs to the Duolingo).

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