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Removing languages

I'm a brazilian guy, but I speak a little bit english, so I'm learning some other languages by english, like French and Italian. But I have a problem: don't know how, but Portuguese got added to languages I'm learning, and I realized that I can get it off. It's not a big deal, but when I click on my profile (near to configuration) it shows up the languages I'm learning and seeing portuguese there botheres me, even because it makes hard to manager my stuff. If Duolingo give me the option to remove languages, I'd appreciate it.

May 3, 2013



We're working on making that possible! I definitely understand the frustration here :)


A lot of issues have been posted regarding this, so I'm guessing that the ability to remove a language will be added some time in the near future.


The same thing happened to me with Italian. It just popped up on the list of languages I was learning one day. I decided to start studying it but the removal feature is a good idea.


Woah you can add more than one language??


As many as you want!


And how do you do that? I got english and german on independent, I mean I need to go to Settings to switch from Learn german( I know english) to Learn english( I know spanish).

What´s more, every time I do it I get a warning telling me that my word list would be lost... I´m ok with english, I could understand most of the texts, so I enjoy trying to translate to my language. But I´m just a beginner with german and I´m still not able to understand any text. I need to improve my german but time by time keep reading some english text.


To add extra languages

  1. Go over to the little flag on the left hand corner and click.

  2. Menu drops down.

  3. Under Start Learning click the language you want to add.


At the moment you can't remove languages.


I also want a way to just reset progress with languages. I can barely remember a word of Spanish and practicing it is hard because it still thinks I'm level 6.


Me, too. I haven't practiced German in a long time. I'd like to start fresh with it.


You can still retake lessons or use the practice function for a specific skill.


I know, I'd just like to start fresh with it (as michisjourdi put it)


I have the same issue with Portuguese appearing in my list of languages to learn without me adding it. However, so far I haven't seen an option to remove it!


I had the same issue :/ I think it was because it was in Beta.

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