I found some help for beginners.

I wanted to practice my Dutch before the course came out so I found this youtube channel:

It has 25 videos (lessons) that are made for beginners in learning Dutch.

Hope this helps.

4 years ago

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I watched a few of the videos and they are pretty good. The girl doesn't have much of an accent, only a Gooise r (which is like the English r), the more common pronunciation of the r in Dutch is a rolling one, like in Spanish. FYI listening to this girl speak is a lot better than the Duo voice which is kinda ok (and it sounds a bit like our Princess former Queen Beatrix), but it is not nearly as good as a human speaking.

4 years ago

I'd recommend checking out

They're designed for learners of Dutch. Pretty fun tbh, they have these random little comedy sketches that you can watch to learn and understand Dutch. An account is free and I recommend watching the videos marked with one star for beginners. If you click info on each video, it will help you find your level to learn/watch a video etc (have your sound on as the website will have audio instructions when you click info).

Btw I haven't checked out the link in OP as on my phone and I avoid accessing YT at all costs (personal reasons) so having embedded videos is really helpful :)

4 years ago
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