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I found some help for beginners.

I wanted to practice my Dutch before the course came out so I found this youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/dutchforn00bs/videos

It has 25 videos (lessons) that are made for beginners in learning Dutch.

Hope this helps.

July 17, 2014



I watched a few of the videos and they are pretty good. The girl doesn't have much of an accent, only a Gooise r (which is like the English r), the more common pronunciation of the r in Dutch is a rolling one, like in Spanish. FYI listening to this girl speak is a lot better than the Duo voice which is kinda ok (and it sounds a bit like our Princess former Queen Beatrix), but it is not nearly as good as a human speaking.


I'd recommend checking out http://oefenen.nl

They're designed for learners of Dutch. Pretty fun tbh, they have these random little comedy sketches that you can watch to learn and understand Dutch. An account is free and I recommend watching the videos marked with one star for beginners. If you click info on each video, it will help you find your level to learn/watch a video etc (have your sound on as the website will have audio instructions when you click info).

Btw I haven't checked out the link in OP as on my phone and I avoid accessing YT at all costs (personal reasons) so http://oefenen.nl having embedded videos is really helpful :)

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