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"De som van twee en vier is zes."

Translation:The sum of two and four is six.

July 17, 2014



I always wonder how annoying it would be to have example sentences like this, but with incorrect math. E.g., "the sum of seven and nine is fourteen". That would be mean :-)


Don't worry, we're not doing that. Also we keep it simple as it's a language course, not a maths course. :)


Anyone else having a problem with oral exercises in this unit? For me every single other word registers as correct but have not been able to pass on even one number, no matter how many times i repeat the word.


Very occasionally it accepts one of my numbers, but not very often, so, yeah, the same sort of thing.


I have exactly same problem, it's like i can't pronounce correctly none of the numbers. No problem for other words


I'm not really certain about this, but I think that it only lets you enter numbers instead of words when you're translating from Dutch to English, since I suppose that it assumes that you can spell English numbers, but it seems like it want's you to actually spell out the Dutch numbers.


Ja, je hebt gelijk.


It has allowed me to write out the number.


I wrote "de som van 2 en 4 is 6" This should be considered correct right?


It should. Was it marked incorrect?


yes. cause it said i should have written: "de som van twee en vier is zes". but i think both should be considered correct.


It's not saying you're solution was wrong, it's just showing you an alternative solution. We simply put "De som van twee en vier is zes." as what is referred to as the best translation in the incubator so that you can learn how to spell each number correctly.


no, i mean. My answer (2,4,6) was considered incorrect. and it also said that twee, vier, zes was the correct answer.


It's technically correct but it would probably be more helpful for your learning to write out the words


I just tried it, and "De some van 2 en 4 is 6." worked for me. It was already accepted before that. Can you see if you can find the sentence and try again?



I think i'm intended to just use letters cause i've just had the same trouble with the audio: "Zeventig honden eten." which considered wrong "70 honden eten". it's ok. i'll just avoid using numerical characters for now i guess.


I wrote addition instead of sum, is that not also correct? _ the addition of two and four is six


In English you wouldn't say "the addition of ... is ..."; you would say "the sum of ..."


No, that's a French phrase.

[deactivated user]

    I wrote "Two and four equals six" which sounds a lot more natural to me. Wasn't accepted. Is it just "translate word by word"?


    It comes down to the same thing, but you're not including sum anywhere, while you can make a normal English sentence with it. In general it's best to stick close to the original sentence, but you still need to make normal/usual sentences, so often word by word translations don't work.


    Seems bugged, I wrote "de som van vier en twee is zes" and it keeps telling me I've written in english not dutch. I've got to disable listening to continue


    Total and sum mean same in English


    I pronounce Dutch okay, but the oral ones keep coming up incorrect. I got my Dutch husband to try. Still incorrect.


    The same problem here. My belgian girlfriend cannot pronounce numbers here "correct"


    All speaking exercises with numbers fail to recognize mine, my friends and even native speaker's pronunciations of numbers

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