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"Upon entering my room, I saw a rat on the bed!"

Translation:En entrant dans ma chambre, j'ai vu un rat sur le lit !

April 1, 2020



Why is dans needed?


It's a matter of transitivity. In French we don't enter something, we enter in something. Just like we answer to somebody who asked a question.

On the other side, "you have to do smth." translates to "tu dois faire qqch."



With all these mentions of rats, I hope they don't tell us about the Giant Rat of Sumatra, because that's a story for which the world is not yet prepared.


Oh thank you VERY much! Now I have to go look that up! (practices muttering oaths en français..)

Edit: YOU... you... YOU... I don't know... You whatever you are! You got me (and probably others who won't admit it), and you got me good. Well done!! :) I was not aware of the reference. Surprisingly, neither was my wife. But now I want to hear the Firesign Theatre's album about it.

Have a couple of lingots for your wit. And thank you for the learning experience, O invisible friend!

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