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  5. "Uma sandália?"

"Uma sandália?"

Translation:A sandal?

May 3, 2013



Can you use sandalia for flip-flop? http://static2.thcdn.com/productimg/0/600/600/86/10207986-1297790384-330000.jpg

Funnily enough, half the flip flops in the UK have that little Brazilian flag!


"Havaianas!!!! As legítimas!!!" - That is the brand and slogan of those flip-flops.

Here you call flip-flops "o(s) chinelo(s)". A(s) Sandália(s) is accepted as well.

"Chinelo" and "chinelo de dedo" are only for those flip-flops.

"Sandália" can be other kinds of footwear (but not shoes nor sneakers nor boots)


"Sandália" seria mais um "chinelo feminino"


Not necessarily. It's more popular among women, but men use it too. Any footwear that is not a closed shoe but holds to the entire foot with strips is a "sandália".

You can type, for instance, sandália masculina on Google, and you will see a lot of them.


de fato. inclusive é o tipo de sapato dos religiosos(pelo menos os de antigamente)...também chamadas de "sandálias franciscanas". mas aqui em salvador se você perguntar por "sandália" numa loja de sapatos te levarão na sessão feminina.


I spelled it "sandle" - Doh!


I was eliminated from a sixth grade spelling bee for doing that. I never forgave the English language for having "handle", "candle" and then "sandal". (We pronounce them the same in Chicago, though that may not be proper English.)


I'm from Florida so I should have a totally different accent but it still sounds the same to me. lol


same in new zealand as well.


Why wrong is this: "Is it a sandal?"


That would be "e' uma sandalia?"


Of course "a sandal" makes sense in English. Still, it has been explained in other threads that Portuguese uses a singular construction where English would use a plural. So could that be the case here?


In this sentence it's hard to make it fit.

But yes. Very often we use the singular form referring to a pair. This is valid for "pants", "shoes", "sandals", "socks" and most pair of clothes.

  • Onde está a minha sandália = Where are my sandals --- ok (can be seen as my pair of sandals)
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