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Assignments not showing up as complete!

Hello all! I gave my students an assignment of 50xp and several of them are not coming up as COMPLETE, yet when I tap into their name they have completed the required points. It is NOT an issue of the date either. Any suggestions?

April 1, 2020



I've had a problem with this with students who did the stories feature on Duolingo. I don't know how to fix it.


Unfortunately, Duo Stories are not linked to Assignments yet. Have the students send you a screen shot with the icons golden if you want to count it.


Yes, I have noticed also that students' completion doesn't always show up where you expect to see it - you have to hunt it down by looking into their progress. For some it works, others not at all. Sometimes it resolves the next day, sometimes not.


There are two possibilities, maybe more.

  1. Ask your students if they are using a phone or a computer. There is a bug that Duo is working on with one of the phones. Ask them which brand of phone.

  2. Ask your students if they are doing Duolingo Stories. Stories are unfortunately not connected yet.

If neither of these is the case, please re-post here and I will file a bug report for you on the Educator's Network.


Same here. My students have been completing assignments but they show up as only partially complete. I.E They have 113 points and the assignment was 100 and shows up as incomplete, or student has 90 points and only shows 40 points complete. But I can see they have 90 in the student log.


I am having this problem as well. A student who had completed the required XP in within the assignment date showed as not having started at all. We confirmed that the XP that he had earned that day matched what I could see in Progress, but that it did not show up under the Assignment (and yes, it had been assigned to him.) This happened for several other students, in several of my classes, but not to everyone. This is frustrating!


What I finally decided to do was to wait for the email that tells me the xps that the student got over the course of the week. I would think that this problem might be one that Duolingo people might want to correct. I actually stopped sending assignments through this site. I just tell the kids to get 50xp for the week and then I wait for my summary. Oh well.

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