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Will there be more lessons?

On no! I just finished my last lesson in Scottish Gaelic from English - I have learned so much!! Will there be more?? If so, when and would I receive a message??

April 1, 2020



Yes there will be more.. it's just a matter of time as there is lots of material.. don't think you'll receive a message.. the course tree will simply change and we all will likely lose our green owls and have to work at getting them back. Just keep an eye on the Gaelic forum in the mean time.

https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/37406413 includes latest MOD comments about the course.


we all will likely lose our green owls and have to work at getting them back

The new course shouldn't affect what you've already learnt, so if all your skills are gold so far, they'll stay gold. I'm not sure whether or not you'll keep your owl though.


Thanks for your input. It's all about learning Gaelic really.. owls etc. don't really matter, they're just the shiny proof that you've finished the course somehow, and so far we haven't, not really. It's so nice to realize all the things we know now that we didn't when we started the course and that there is still much more to learn. It may not always be easy, but it's definitely worth it.

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